So, I haven’t taught English for some time now and sadly no longer live in Spain. However, I do still have the memories living on through my mind and soul, and I need to share them with someone. I need to write these down to almost prove these things actually happened. I’m not getting into […]

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A Teacher With No Books…

Last wednesday, I was so happy and grateful. My prayers had been answered (quite literally). I had been offered the second job I wanted – I was the chosen one, if you will. “Now, the girls are 5 and 7, and she just wants you to play games and sing songs with them. Nothing too […]

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Friday night is alright?

This time last Friday, I was getting ready to go on my second night out in the new city I live in – Madrid! I am a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Teacher. I live with two French girls; both sweet but distinctly different personalities. The first is C and the second is […]

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